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Having a hard time choosing a color? Sometimes it's just better to see it in person. Checkout for this listing and receive 3 color samples mailed to your door. 

Solid powder coat is an opaque, flat color and will not show our grind patterns. Transparent powder coat is used to showcase our unique grind patterns and comes in Candy, Shimmer and Sparkle. 
Candy = high gloss, no sparkle
Shimmer = modest sparkles
Sparkle = very sparkly

The solid colors are the most durable and suited well for outdoor use. Matte Black and Dark Brown have a fine texture and are the most durable powder coats we have available.

We can add an extra layer of powder coat to your item for added outdoor protection, this option is found in our ADD-ON section. We recommend this for transparent colors, fades or if you live in a high humidity area.

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