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Personalized Metal Clock, Powder Coated

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Personalized Metal Clock with or without the clock assembly. We will send you font options after checkout for you to choose from. Feel free to customize all of the text or you can leave "Home Sweet Home" at the bottom and only personalize the top.

Made with 14 gauge American made steel, a "wave" grind pattern, and powder coat to help prevent rust and discoloration

Pictured in Champagne Shimmer (Morrison), Gold Shimmer (Sally & Justo) and Matte Black (Holmes-Duran)

Samples pictured in the 18" size.
Other sizes available upon request (up to 42")

You can choose for us to include the clock hands or you can provide and pick out your own clock hands. It’s up to you!

Clock assembly option: it will come with the black clock hands you see in the pictures (silent sweep second hand, no ticking). They will need to be assembled upon arrival. Calls for 1 AA battery (not included). Comes with a mounting hook on the back of the clock assembly. Size details of the clock assembly are below.

Hour hand whole length: approx. 3"
Minute hand whole length: approx. 4.1"
Second hand whole length: approx. 4.6"

Package included:
1 x Quartz clock movement
1 x Second hand
1 x Minute hand
1 x Hour hand
1 X Washer
1 X Spacing washer
1 X Brass nut

Send us a message with any questions!

These items are handmade and may vary slightly - *this item is made with a plasma cutter and human hands* - there may be imperfections in the cut, grind or powder coating. Please keep that in mind when purchasing.

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