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Personalized Anchor Metal Wall Art

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Personalized Anchor Decoration

Comes with a Marble grind pattern

Made from 14 gauge American made steel with powder coat to help prevent rust and discoloration

If you don’t see a color listed at checkout, choose “other” and leave a note

Actual Sizes:
12" x 9.2"
14" x 10.6"
16" x 12.2"
18" x 13.7"
20" x 15.2"
22" x 16.85"
24" x 18.3"
26" x 19.8"
32" x 24.4"


These items are handmade and may vary slightly - *this item is made with a plasma cutter and human hands* - there may be imperfections in the cut, grind or powder coating. Please keep that in mind when purchasing.

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